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Jun 17th, 2024 18:54:15

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Snooker is a billiard sport that originated in India in the 19th century. The game is played on a table that is covered with baize. The baize has six pockets located at the corners and in the middle of the long sides. Twenty-two balls are used to play snooker of which one is a cue ball, fifteen are red balls. The remaining six are yellow, brown, black, pink, green and blue and are called the colours. A player strikes the pot balls using a cue stick and cue ball. The striking needs to be according to a sequence in order to accumulate points.

Rules of the game

The player who outscores the opponent wins a frame in snooker. The play is started with a break-off shot aiming at hitting a red ball in the triangular pack. Shots are alternatively played with the objective of potting a red ball and scoring a point. If a player fails to hit a red ball in his strike, it is considered a foul and the opposing player is awarded penalty points. The cue ball has to remain where it comes to rest and the next shot has to be played from that location. A coloured pot of the striker's choice has to be potted once he pots a red ball. Every coloured ball will have a value that is added to the score of the player after successful potting.

Major tournaments

The World Snooker Championship held at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England, is the oldest professional snooker tournament in the world. It is the most prestigious tournament in the snooker world and is sponsored by many betting companies. The UK Championship which is also held annually like the former is the next most popular tournament. These two events are ranking tournaments with very high prize money for the winners. The Masters tournament along with these two constitute the Triple Crown series.

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