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Jun 17th, 2024 19:03:50

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College football remains popular in the United States and Canada even after the National Football League emerged as a major sport in the world. It is played by the student-athletes in North American universities and colleges and is widely followed by the gridiron football community. College football is considered a lower-level version of professional-level American football. The players come to the professional level through college football based on their performance. Division I is the highest level in which the games are played in large stadiums. As per NCAA rules, college athletes cannot be paid salaries.

Rule distinctions

There are slight differences between the rules of college football and that of the NFL. The rules for Division I, II, and III games are determined by the NCAA Football Rules Committee. One inbounds foot suffices for a pass to be ruled complete during a catch in college football as opposed to NFL where both feet need to be inbounds. Unlike NFL where a player will remain active until he is tackled down by the opposite team, a player in college football will be down if any of his body parts excluding the feet and hands touches the ground. College football does not normally use the two-minute warning, it is only used in rare cases.


The NCAA has a divisional system through which college football teams play schools that are comparable in size. Division I has more budget allocations and comprises major collegiate powers. The Division has better facilities than its counterparts save for a few conferences like the PFL. Smaller public and private colleges that offer fewer scholarships than those in Division I compete in Division II. There is Division III that also has football teams but the athletes are not offered any scholarships. All major college teams compete in Division I where they are divided into the Bowl Subdivision and the Championship Subdivision.

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