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Jun 17th, 2024 16:56:07

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Formula One is an open-wheel single-seater Formula auto racing competition and is considered the highest level in the category internationally. The racers are required to follow a set of rules, hence the name Formula. Every Formula 1 season has a series of races called Grands Prix that are conducted around the world on race circuits and closed public roads. There is an annual World Championship for drivers and constructors, the winners of which are determined through a point system. F1 cars are the fastest racing cars in the world on account of high cornering speeds. Front and rear wings were allowed in 2017 along with wider tyres resulting in higher top and cornering speeds.

Formula 1 race

There will be a warm-up lap before the actual race begins. The drivers take formation and get used to the track in this lap without overtaking. The cars are positioned on the starting grid in the qualification order. A number of laps is set and the first driver to cross the finish line will be the winner of the race. The length of the race is 305 km currently after the standardization in 1989. Backmarker drivers who are behind in laps are supposed to let leading drivers overtake them. The slower cars that are behind in laps are referred to as lapped cars. Drivers are allowed to make pit stops for changing tyres and fix damages if any.

Points system in F1 racing

There have been different systems adopted to award championship points. The current system that came into place in 2010 awards points to the top ten cars in the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships. The winner of a race will receive 25 points. The total points won in different Grands Prix are added at the end of a Formula 1 season and the driver and constructor who have won most points become the World Champions. A driver is allowed to switch teams during a season without losing the points earned with the previous team. Only the drivers who complete at 90% of the distance will be awarded points in a race.

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